Here are some details of the new concept of 600 horses of Porsche, the Mission.

Here are some details of the new concept of 600 horses of Porsche, the Mission.

The Behind the scenes of the next Frankfurt auto show are busy, that?s because the automaker Porsche plans to introduce its first model of four-seater 100% electric, that came to compete directly with the new Tesla. The two engines generate an incredible power of 600 horses, but the news doesn?t stop in the engine, the model comes packed with visual and technological adaptations that promise to revolutionize the automotive market.

The maximum speed of the sporting is 250 km / h electronically controlled by a security system to reach the milestone of 100 km / h, thecar needs just 3.5 seconds if the driver?s desire for reaching the mark of 200 km /h, the Mission should take 12 seconds to reach the mark. The motors don?t require a cable to carry, aid with an intelligent 800-volt system, the vehicle charges the battery in just 15 minutes.

The body was built in a mixture of aluminum and carbon fiber, which makes it the lightest and fastest car, but sure enough, ring 21 wheels were installed on the front and on the back 22 alloy wheels, with all-wheel drive, causing the sport to be safe even when cornering at high speeds.

The interior was developed especially for this car, with a very futuristic design, which draws the most attention are the rear doors, which open in the opposite way to the front, leaving the car with a much more spacious environment than those of its rivals .

Overhead paging systems and excellent onboard computer that can inform the driver various notifications about the handling were installed, the company actually expects that the new Mission charmed those present during the show, considering that this car is one of the best cars concepts of last years.