Came the replacement of the Humvee!

Came the replacement of the Humvee!

After 31 years of masterdom, the Humvee, the JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) of the soldiers and US naval riflemen will be replaced by a competitor who promises greater power, flexibility, security and speed.

The chosen by the US defense industry, was the model of Oshkosh company that stood out among the other two competitors.

Basic technical information have been passed to press, but have been already disclosed, it is known that the propellant is a 6.6lt V8 diesel-powered generating about 397 hp, produced by Banks based on the architecture of the GM Duramax.

The choice of the model was with careful. The Oshkosh company, delivered 22 prototypes of the brand and for nearly a year were evaluated with severe trials in the hands of the US military.

With the promise of being up to 70% faster than the Humvee, the current model of the Oshkosh also has better protection against landmines, a causative problem in many military casualties during the invasion of Iraq, and offers also a greater course suspension that is now 50 cm.

The plant estimates the production of more than 54,000 units, of these, the majority intended for the military . For next year, a manufacturing expectancy, estimated on the 17 thousand units available to the world market.