With values in excess of $ 50 million, more expensive Ferrari car will be auctioned.

Having a Ferrari is the dream of many car’s passionates. Each Ferrari has its story, its peculiarity, causing prices to reach thoughtless values, this is the case of the Ferrari F250 GTO. Attraction of the Bonhams auction house in California.

Weighing about 950 kilograms, and reaching up to 254 km / h, the 250 GTO was fitted with a petrol engine with 300 horsepower at 7,500 rpm. The exchange rate is five-speed and traction is on the back. It went on sale in mid-1962 ended production in 1964 being produced in a total of 39 units, it may be the reason of the last prices charged.


In 2012 a sporting model of this was sold for nothing less than 35 million dollars, which puts on the list of the most expensive sporting already on the market. But a year later, in July 2013 this price was overshadowed because another unit was sold for 52 million dollars, it is believed that the next auction to be held in August exceeds this value and place the 250 GTO literally among the most expensive in the world.

The car that will be auctioned off is the 3851 chassis number, the 19th model manufactured, another feature is that this car was the most stood as the same owner from 1965 until 2010 when its former owner died.


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