With changes to 2016 Chevrolet S10 High Country hits the market for $ 63,800

The first appearance of the new model of Chevrolet S-10 was about nine months in New York. Since then anxiety took over the market to see what really would come again in the model that is sales leader, following pickup trucks. The new version is $ 9,250 more expensive than the previous model, the 2.8 Turbodiesel LTZ 4×4. To justify the change in value, the new Chevrolet increased visual details, and unique interior trim.

The design has improved considerably, starting with the wheel, it won black details that were aesthetically pleasing, contrasting with the silver, which covers most of the rim 18. The maritime hood is serious, ending the hassle of having to install accessory after the purchase of the vehicle. The headlights were dimmed, leaving the car with a more robust appearance, a detail is the holy-Antony, which has the same color of the vehicle.


The interior received the same treatment that was made in the Trailblazer lines, leather seat can be brown or black Brownstone Jet Black, the seats have electric height adjustment, which can set the inclination and the distance of the pedals.

Inside the hood with a 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine version, which can generate up to 200 horsepower, working together with a six-speed automatic transmission, and of course traction is all-wheel drive.


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