Toyota presents 2016 version of the Hilux pickup.

From the year of 2010 a significant change was noted in the automotive market in the United States. Each year is increasing the number of sales of trucks, including becoming leader of sales compared to SUV models, Hatch and Sedan. With this, increased competition between manufacturers, and even it was just a car to work, it has become a comfortable vehicle and packed with technology, and thinking about this new audience Toyota decided to remodel its best-selling truck of all time, and has recently introduced the new Hilux 2016 that in addition to changes in visual, comes to market much more economical than the previous version. Initially only models equipped with […]


In 22 years, the sales of Ford pickup trucks (Ford F-Series) were not Overcome. And what is impressive, is the responsability that it feats, is not being part of the hall of design that pleases the northern american public. Do you want a more impressive information? Those Responsible for this feat were four Japanese cars: The Civic sedans and Accord, Honda, and the cars Corolla and Camry. Toyota, occupying the fourth position in the sales ranking, comes the Fusion, the North American’s first on the list. To end this paragraph with the statistics that will impress you too… between the top ten more sellers, six are Japanese, two of Korean manufacture and only two are […]

BMW starts tests with hydrogen-powered engines.

Working in partnership with the Japanese Toyota, BMW began developing their cars equipped with engines powered by hydrogen, with a similar system to i8 and i3, the new technology has the an engine that can be fueled by hydrogen cells, soon a prototype should go to the streets to start testing in the cities. The agreement between Toyota and BMW began in 2011, aiming to jointly develop diesel engines, now the idea is to increase research to expand the alternative of energy market and improved batteries. The Japanese automaker formally started its sales of Mirai model, which is the first model with an engine powered by hydrogen produced on a […]