Nissan advises that model Titan Warrior Concept will go into production.

The Detroit show what is happening this month has revealed gradually big news, the last of which comes directly from Japanese designers, Nissan automaker through one of its directors said during the event that the Nissan Titan Warrior model which until then had only one concept will enter production line and must reach the American and European market very soon, probably the model was launched to compete directly with the Ford F-150 Raptor. The model comes to market with a visual rather aggressive, according to its developers their appearance reflects directly on what the model is powerful and promising not to leave you in the hand or in the worst […]

“Fried chicken”

Taylor Mackenzie, British driver who competes for WD-40 Kawasaki, was startled on Sunday (21) when the motorcycle he was piloting caught fire. The incident occurred during the British motorcycling championship at Snetterton circuit in the UK. He ran normally, when his bike burst into flames near his left leg. Not realizing what was happening he even put his hand on the thigh, but was not seriously injured. When entering a curve the flames were already reaching the fuell tank, Mackenzie realized the danger, he threw the bike in the site and managed to get off. The safety car entered the track, but the English had no serious injuries. Soon after […]

Qatar and American investors together to buy F1 slice, newspaper says

The Qatar through the Qatar Sports Investments and Ventures CSR should offer a proposal to purchase a 35.5% share of controller to the competition, offering an amount of between 7 and 8 billion dollars. Two other countries in the Middle East, Bahrain and UAE are already in the top the category of motor racing, but only hosting events. According to the Financial Times the great ally of Qatar in investments is Stephen Ross, one of the owners of RSE Ventures and the majority owner of the Miami Dolphins franchise. The business target is the CVC Capital Partners which owns 35.5% of the category. The other F1 slices belong to Waddell […]

With new rules for Kentucky, NASCAR promises to improve overtaking

A new rule package announced by NASCAR for the round of next month at Kentucky Speedway promises to improve overtaking and allow closer racing. After 18 months of testing a number of important changes as: more adhesive tires, a lower front spoiler and a lower rear wing will be implemented. These changes will force pilots to slow down longer cornering, thanks to the reduced downforce. So it expects to increase overtaking. An extra workout on Wednesday before the race will enable teams to work on the new change settings. Initially these new rules will be valid only for Kentucky, where the quality of racing has been criticized since joining the […]

Check out the final results of the GP Austria

Nico Rosberg won the GP of Austria and intensifies the fight for the title of Formula 1. With the win, Nico decreases the difference between Lewis Hamilton to 10 points. Defining the race at the first corner, Rosberg surprised the pole position Lewis Hamilton taking the lead and keeping it until to the end. The highlight of the race was Felipe Massa who made a beautiful race supporting the pressure of German Sebastian Vettel thus winning the third place. Check out the final results of the GP Austria: 1. Nico Rosberg (DEU/Mercedes) – 1:30:16.930 2. Lewis Hamilton (ENG/Mercedes) – + 8s8 3. Felipe Massa (BRA/Williams) – + 17s5 4. Sebastian Vettel […]

“I was lucky not to catch Kimi’s head in the accident, “says Alonso

An accident between the drivers Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen on the first lap of the Grand Prix of Austria put on alert pilots and fans of Formula 1 on Sunday. He could not deviate from the Ferrari car after the Finish, the driver lost control and the two collided in an impact of 34G. According to Fernando Alonso, Raikkonen had problems with grip and lost the rear of the control of his Ferrari causing the accident. “He was sliding a lot, going from left to right. I was on the left. At one point of the track, he lost control and I was there,” said the double world champion. On […]

Formula 1 2016 may have Toro Rosso and Red Bull Ferrari engine!

What was once just an speculation now has become a possibility. Helmut Marko, the F1 team Red Bull consultant confirmed that the brand is negotiating with Scuderia Ferrari to supply engines for the Austrian team. Completely dissatisfied with the recent performances of the French motors of Renault, Red Bull has articulate with Ferrari an agreement that could lead the engine from the Maranello also for Scuderia Toro Rosso. But the secondary team is content with the French engines, and there are rumors that Renault could repurchase the team to return to Formula 1. If not , to buy the Lotus, which also left it to use the driving unit Mercedes Benz. If […]