Jeep announces pickup derived from Wrangler model, sales have begun in 2017.

The Detroit show what is happening in the month of January, is showing good options to market, and revealing several concepts that can be produced in the future, among the good news that the manufacture of a pickup of the Jeep brand, at least that’s what secured one of the heads of Fiat Chrysler, Sergio Marchionne, in the event he was optimistic about the future of the company, and one of the novelties is an attractive and varied pickup Wrangler model. A long time the automaker does not manufacture truck, specializing only in 4×4 cars and super luxurious, the last marketing a similar model was in the mid-1960s with the […]


In 22 years, the sales of Ford pickup trucks (Ford F-Series) were not Overcome. And what is impressive, is the responsability that it feats, is not being part of the hall of design that pleases the northern american public. Do you want a more impressive information? Those Responsible for this feat were four Japanese cars: The Civic sedans and Accord, Honda, and the cars Corolla and Camry. Toyota, occupying the fourth position in the sales ranking, comes the Fusion, the North American’s first on the list. To end this paragraph with the statistics that will impress you too… between the top ten more sellers, six are Japanese, two of Korean manufacture and only two are […]

See the amazing results of the New Chevrolet Silverado.

With monthly sales of about 35 000 cars in the US market, the New Chevrolet Silverado is the second in sales figures. Since a Ford direct competitor sells 65,000 units every month. Trying to approach the competitor’s sales, Chevrolet recently published the tests on its newest model of the Silverado, the model won a makeover, visible by the use of lighter materials in its bodywork. Inside, there is more luxury than the previous models. The internal space has increased considerably, which pleased many of its fans, the top version LTZ is equipped with a V8 gasoline 5.3 liters engine, yielding 360 horsepower, the exchange is automated by six-speed, and traction can […]

Meet the new Ford F-150, safer pickup in US.

In April, the new pickup model Ford F-150 passed per crash tests conducted by the NHTSA (National Traffic Safety Hight), and secured the incredible five-star results after the end of the tests. The Ford model was the only manufactured that got the maximum result in all aspects. Besides the high level of safety presented by the vehicle, it was considered the most economical category by “AAA Gren Car Guide” a survey conducted by the Automotive Research Center in Southern California. To achieve these results, the Ford F-150 received a number of modifications for safety, the main thing was the application of high-strength steel in the structure, it also contains military standard sheets […]