Nissan advises that model Titan Warrior Concept will go into production.

The Detroit show what is happening this month has revealed gradually big news, the last of which comes directly from Japanese designers, Nissan automaker through one of its directors said during the event that the Nissan Titan Warrior model which until then had only one concept will enter production line and must reach the American and European market very soon, probably the model was launched to compete directly with the Ford F-150 Raptor. The model comes to market with a visual rather aggressive, according to its developers their appearance reflects directly on what the model is powerful and promising not to leave you in the hand or in the worst […]

Lamborghini will present the sports Centenario next Geneva Motor Show.

The next Geneva Motor Show will take place in March 2016, and during the last week several new features were revealed to be presented during the event, which promises to reveal various sports and many technological cars, and of course hybrid models, which are conquering the public with each release, amid several presentations McLaren won the spotlight to reserve a space in the hall for the exhibition of Centenario model, a super sport that had its design based on other sporting success of the Aventador. In a statement, one of the directors of the English automaker reported that the audience will be positively surprised with the new Centenario, which will […]

Check out some new features of the new Chevrolet Cruze 2016

A new car! Lighter, larger, secure and more technology. This is what promises to be the new Chevrolet Cruze 2016. With a more sporty and bold aerodynamics look the new GM car comes to the market with many changes from its predecessor. It is 2.5 cm lower, 6.9 cm longer and 80 kg lighter allowing the car to achieve a fuel consumption level of 17 km/l. The model will be based on a new turbo engine of 1.4-liter, four-cylinder engine of the same displacement of the current car, but 11 percent more powerful (153 hp), with 20 percent more (177 pound-feet – the Kgfm corresponding to 25.5) reaching up with […]

Sculpture Challenges Gravity in London

On display in the parking of Southbank Central Park on the banks of the River Thames in London until February 25 a sculpture Hatchback draws the attention of passers by. The structure was created to celebrate the arrival of the new GM model and incorporates the compact as the main figure has no apparent support, as a figure in motion that passed by tearing the floor. The project was signed by the English artist Alex Chinneck who is known for works of art in unusual ways. He created a structure that can mess with the feelings of those who walks by. To make the work reality, Chinneck had enough work […]

“The Muscle Car” Chevrolet launches the 6th edition of the Camaro; See the result

General Motors (GM) launched the new generation of Camaro that is now more muscular as commented by global vice president of design, Ed Welburn “The Camaro went to the gym and came back with the most agile and athletic body in the sixth generation.” The new model was virtually rebuilt with lighter materials and more elaborated design and 90Kg lighter than its previous version. GM was keen to stress that only 2 parts were kept of the 5th generation: the Chevrolet emblem on the back and SS description. The new platform is shared with the Cadillac ATS and CTS, but about 70% of the components are unique to sports. Among […]

Leaked! Photos show new Alfa Romeo Giulia

Leaked online! Photos show new Alfa Romeo Giulia First sedan rear-wheel drive of the brand since 1992 the new Alfa Romeo Giulia was being guarded by the factory and was already being considered the best kept secret in the industry. Scheduled to be released tomorrow, images taken apparently from a cell phone anticipated for the general public of the internet the final outcome of this amazing machine. The model was initially being called the “Type 949” it was confirmed by the name of Giulia as shown in the photos. The sedan will debut a new four-cylinder, successor to the 1750 TBi, capable of developing more than 300 hp. Initially the sales […]