Fiat rescues the past and presents the 124 Spider in Los Angeles.

Completely based on the model Mazda MX-5 , a success launched in the 90s, with several appearances in movies and even video-games such as “Need for Speed Underground”, the Fiat during the Los Angeles auto show presented the new 124 Spider, which according to company executives have full focus on the American market. In front of what drew most attention were the LED headlights with tinted edges, leaving the car most elegant, but of course, leaving the sportsmanship aside. Night lights give an extra touch, showing that the car hits the market to stay , back in rectangular shape matched perfectly with the car’s aerodynamics, which despite not being a “muscle-car” […]

Mazda shows in Los Angeles the new CX-9 concept.

Scheduled for November 20, the next Hall of Los Angeles, and one of the main new features that will be announced during the event that the SUV produced by Mazda, which was named CX-9, although it doesn’t still have much information about the vehicle, it is known that the model has 9 seats, and the display image will be based on Koru concept model that was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show and the presentation received several positive reviews from the public and experts in the automotive market. The company’s design center, developed the KODO line, which has the combination of sporty and futuristic features to be implemented in other models manufactured by […]