Kia introduces the new Sorento models in 2016.

After keeping practically the design for the second generation of Sorento, just changing some details in the monoblock and improving their stringers, Kia had to present something different because their competitors were far ahead in the category of SUV’s, the first impression that remains after the disclosure of the photos is that the automaker can further improve thanks to new changes adopted both visually, and in its settings. And the model was already well sold. The modernization of the visual is very clear, though the automaker has achieved this without much change the car feature, which pleased most was the front of the vehicle, who won a new grille, similar […]

Kia intends to market autonomous cars by 2020.

Recently the Korean automaker Kia, issued a statement that informs for the automotive company a $ 2 billion investment for the manufacture of a self-governed car, which is due by mid-2020, currently the project is in the initial stage, that is called Advanced Driver Assistance System. According to Kia is too early to know more details about the project, and that sales would start five years after the presentation of the first prototype. The vice president of the company believes that the autonomous cars will be the future of most vehicles, during a presentation he said, “the fully autonomous vehicles are still some way off, so we’ll start a lot of research […]