Peugeot reveals its futuristic Crossover that is expected to debut the Paris Motor Show.

Last Friday, Peugeot announced its new hybrid Crossover car, the model was called Quartz. The car should be officially presented at the next Paris Motor Show, which will have as theme templates that pollute the environment a bit less, in this case the automaker will present the vehicle with hybrid engine. The total power of the whole which consists of two electric motors and a 1.6 liter THP is 500 horsepower. Motors are located in the front and rear, with this arrangement the mark expected to raise the car safety through aerodynamic and each electric engine can produce 115 horsepower, and moved through these engines autonomy can reach 50 kilometers. Even […]

Meet the Mercedes Class C 350 Plug-in HYBRID, a mixture of power and silence.

After debuts the PLUG-IN HYBRID system was in the S-class, now it is the time of all class C to receive this technology. Equipped with a four-cylinder engine together with an electric motor, reaching about 279 horses power. It is one of the cars that will issue less C02 in the market because it is estimated that the emission will be only 48 grams per kilometer driven. Its electric motor has a range of up to 31 km. The ease of loading in your home or office, is a compelling proposal that promises to combine one car with electrical and thermal efficiency. Making the performance equivalent to that of a […]