Acura reveals price the NSX for the US market.

Honda has shown some sports cars to the market that even surprised the most optimistic, with powerful cars that can run on the streets, and also showing the market quality when it comes to SUV, with more than four options for each follow-up, but the special division automaker Acura has just brought to the market the new NSX, a very powerful car, with high value, the price of the simplest version costs US $ 157,800 and the sporty top of the line out by none other mention than US $ 207,500, this is the more expensive version with all the possible addition of optional items inside the ceiling and is […]

Ecclestone says supremacy of a team is destroying the F-1, and promises independent motors.

Many viewers and fans of the world of motor racing championship, have already declared that every year, watching Formula 1 is getting more boring, for the supremacy of only one team, in the past two years was the Mercedes, is ending the competitiveness and consequently the grace to attend the event last week even the main name of the F-1 leaders, Bernie Ecclestone said he also wants to see a more balanced competition, and that with the adoption of independent motors this will be a reality. The adoption of independent motors, as well as leaving the teams with lower competitive investment relationship teams called “big”, will make a saving to the coffers […]


In 22 years, the sales of Ford pickup trucks (Ford F-Series) were not Overcome. And what is impressive, is the responsability that it feats, is not being part of the hall of design that pleases the northern american public. Do you want a more impressive information? Those Responsible for this feat were four Japanese cars: The Civic sedans and Accord, Honda, and the cars Corolla and Camry. Toyota, occupying the fourth position in the sales ranking, comes the Fusion, the North American’s first on the list. To end this paragraph with the statistics that will impress you too… between the top ten more sellers, six are Japanese, two of Korean manufacture and only two are […]