With changes to 2016 Chevrolet S10 High Country hits the market for $ 63,800

The first appearance of the new model of Chevrolet S-10 was about nine months in New York. Since then anxiety took over the market to see what really would come again in the model that is sales leader, following pickup trucks. The new version is $ 9,250 more expensive than the previous model, the 2.8 Turbodiesel LTZ 4×4. To justify the change in value, the new Chevrolet increased visual details, and unique interior trim. The design has improved considerably, starting with the wheel, it won black details that were aesthetically pleasing, contrasting with the silver, which covers most of the rim 18. The maritime hood is serious, ending the hassle […]


In 22 years, the sales of Ford pickup trucks (Ford F-Series) were not Overcome. And what is impressive, is the responsability that it feats, is not being part of the hall of design that pleases the northern american public. Do you want a more impressive information? Those Responsible for this feat were four Japanese cars: The Civic sedans and Accord, Honda, and the cars Corolla and Camry. Toyota, occupying the fourth position in the sales ranking, comes the Fusion, the North American’s first on the list. To end this paragraph with the statistics that will impress you too… between the top ten more sellers, six are Japanese, two of Korean manufacture and only two are […]

GM + FIAT … will be?

During the Frankfurt Motor Show, this Tuesday 9/15, the chief-executive of GM, Mary Barra, reaffirmed the intentions of his company, about the intents submitted by the Fiat Chrysler (FCA). Barra stressed that the alliance is not interesting for shareholders and that GM can keep alone its production, maintaining investments in new technologies. In an interview earlier, the chief executive of Fiat Chrysler (FCA), Sergio Marchionne, showed the figures that an alliance with GM would generate, according to the e-mail sent by the executive Mary Barra, chief executive of GM, with the alliance, U$30 billion a year . Sergio Marchionne follows in the pursuit of cost savings, reducing the number of car manufacturers […]

Check out the first appearance of the New Monza.

The next Motor Show will focus the future of cars and technology, technologies that can be implemented, thinking about it the Opel first presented its latest concept, which is to remember the old days, the New Monza whose aim is to think about the future, pays homage to the classic old General Motors, according to the directors at the presentation, this will be the main concept of the brand to the year of 2016. The next event will be presented to politicians, officials, presidents of the major automakers, all with the aim of progressing combining technology with automotive safety, the CEO of Opel says: As we go ahead, topics as […]