Ecclestone says supremacy of a team is destroying the F-1, and promises independent motors.

Many viewers and fans of the world of motor racing championship, have already declared that every year, watching Formula 1 is getting more boring, for the supremacy of only one team, in the past two years was the Mercedes, is ending the competitiveness and consequently the grace to attend the event last week even the main name of the F-1 leaders, Bernie Ecclestone said he also wants to see a more balanced competition, and that with the adoption of independent motors this will be a reality. The adoption of independent motors, as well as leaving the teams with lower competitive investment relationship teams called “big”, will make a saving to the coffers […]

See the changes received by Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Whenever we talk about a super-sporty, we remember about Ferrari, that besides the always attractive visual, can be considered a collector’s piece, because of the difficulty of seeing it at the streets and the high price, really this dream is not for everyone. Today we’ll talk a little faster car developed by Italian automaker Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. It received important updates and comes with an even more powerful engine and an interior far more technological, moreover minor updates were made in its design, which was more futuristic and aggressive. This car is so rare that the automaker expects that only 10 units are sold within six months, in building the […]

With values in excess of $ 50 million, more expensive Ferrari car will be auctioned.

Having a Ferrari is the dream of many car’s passionates. Each Ferrari has its story, its peculiarity, causing prices to reach thoughtless values, this is the case of the Ferrari F250 GTO. Attraction of the Bonhams auction house in California. Weighing about 950 kilograms, and reaching up to 254 km / h, the 250 GTO was fitted with a petrol engine with 300 horsepower at 7,500 rpm. The exchange rate is five-speed and traction is on the back. It went on sale in mid-1962 ended production in 1964 being produced in a total of 39 units, it may be the reason of the last prices charged. In 2012 a sporting model […]

“I was lucky not to catch Kimi’s head in the accident, “says Alonso

An accident between the drivers Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen on the first lap of the Grand Prix of Austria put on alert pilots and fans of Formula 1 on Sunday. He could not deviate from the Ferrari car after the Finish, the driver lost control and the two collided in an impact of 34G. According to Fernando Alonso, Raikkonen had problems with grip and lost the rear of the control of his Ferrari causing the accident. “He was sliding a lot, going from left to right. I was on the left. At one point of the track, he lost control and I was there,” said the double world champion. On […]

Formula 1 2016 may have Toro Rosso and Red Bull Ferrari engine!

What was once just an speculation now has become a possibility. Helmut Marko, the F1 team Red Bull consultant confirmed that the brand is negotiating with Scuderia Ferrari to supply engines for the Austrian team. Completely dissatisfied with the recent performances of the French motors of Renault, Red Bull has articulate with Ferrari an agreement that could lead the engine from the Maranello also for Scuderia Toro Rosso. But the secondary team is content with the French engines, and there are rumors that Renault could repurchase the team to return to Formula 1. If not , to buy the Lotus, which also left it to use the driving unit Mercedes Benz. If […]