Nissan advises that model Titan Warrior Concept will go into production.

The Detroit show what is happening this month has revealed gradually big news, the last of which comes directly from Japanese designers, Nissan automaker through one of its directors said during the event that the Nissan Titan Warrior model which until then had only one concept will enter production line and must reach the American and European market very soon, probably the model was launched to compete directly with the Ford F-150 Raptor. The model comes to market with a visual rather aggressive, according to its developers their appearance reflects directly on what the model is powerful and promising not to leave you in the hand or in the worst […]

Car engine wash

Many drivers give special attention to the external appearance of the car, leaving it clean and shining in the bodywork and fragrant internally. But under the hood? The machine of the vehicle also calls for regular cleaning maintenance. An engine free of dirt decreases the chances of future problems related to mechanical malfunction or complications in the electrical part. This procedure should not be performed by any person. The use of chemicals and high pressure water jets can damage the system, causing the bending blades of the radiator, and also the obstruction of air flow, because it directly damages the engine cooling. In addition, the current vehicles have several electrical connectors sensors, actuators […]