See the amazing results of the New Chevrolet Silverado.

With monthly sales of about 35 000 cars in the US market, the New Chevrolet Silverado is the second in sales figures. Since a Ford direct competitor sells 65,000 units every month. Trying to approach the competitor’s sales, Chevrolet recently published the tests on its newest model of the Silverado, the model won a makeover, visible by the use of lighter materials in its bodywork. Inside, there is more luxury than the previous models. The internal space has increased considerably, which pleased many of its fans, the top version LTZ is equipped with a V8 gasoline 5.3 liters engine, yielding 360 horsepower, the exchange is automated by six-speed, and traction can […]

New Camaro will have up to 70% new parts, Chevrolet announced that the engine will also be modified.

After so much waiting, Chevrolet revealed what are the changes made to the sixth generation of the Camaro. The first difference is observed in the bodywork, the vehicle will be mounted on the Alpha platform, and it’s causing great expectations on the market. Was announced in a statement that the model will have up to 70% changes between performance and design. Because of this expectation, the automaker report, says that 20% of these changes occurred in the engine, which is a V8 6.2 liters, this change can be perceived in the size and weight of the engine, which shall be smaller and lighter. The first model of the Camaro was […]

During the Chicago salon, Chevrolet reveals changes in the new Equinox 2016.

  Was shown to the public, the changes that the American automaker Chevrolet did in the 2016 edition of Equinox model. Along with the Cruze and Silverado are the most sold cars brand in the United States. The main changes can be perceived mainly in front of and inside the vehicle. Some amendments to the security and technological facility were also made to the model who now has four settings: L, LS, LT and LTZ. Visually the most striking is the new grille with chrome accents on the front, little has changed on the side, which now has renewed wheels 17 or 18 inches. The trunk lid has also been […]

Chevrolet promises news for Malibu in 2016. Among them the option to spy on young drivers.

The next versions of the Malibu will feature a novelty that will help many parents. With a spy technology, now you can monitor the speed and the way how teens are driving through the streets. The onboard computer will collect important information such as distance traveled, how many times the speed limit has been exceeded and how many times the collision avoidance system was triggered. The model that was submitted in April this year in New York has a 2.0 engine with 250 horsepower, consuming an average of 11.6 km per liter. We can also find versions with engines 1.5 significantly reducing the power, becoming 173 horsepower, consuming a little less, 13.7 […]

“The Muscle Car” Chevrolet launches the 6th edition of the Camaro; See the result

General Motors (GM) launched the new generation of Camaro that is now more muscular as commented by global vice president of design, Ed Welburn “The Camaro went to the gym and came back with the most agile and athletic body in the sixth generation.” The new model was virtually rebuilt with lighter materials and more elaborated design and 90Kg lighter than its previous version. GM was keen to stress that only 2 parts were kept of the 5th generation: the Chevrolet emblem on the back and SS description. The new platform is shared with the Cadillac ATS and CTS, but about 70% of the components are unique to sports. Among […]