BMW starts tests with hydrogen-powered engines.

Working in partnership with the Japanese Toyota, BMW began developing their cars equipped with engines powered by hydrogen, with a similar system to i8 and i3, the new technology has the an engine that can be fueled by hydrogen cells, soon a prototype should go to the streets to start testing in the cities. The agreement between Toyota and BMW began in 2011, aiming to jointly develop diesel engines, now the idea is to increase research to expand the alternative of energy market and improved batteries. The Japanese automaker formally started its sales of Mirai model, which is the first model with an engine powered by hydrogen produced on a […]

Check out the official information of the BMW X1 2016.

The automaker of BMW released official photos and details about the new BMW X1, the major change was observed in the mechanical part. The most complete version is equipped with all-wheel drive, and in the simplest versions traction it is now in the rear of the vehicle. . The new model has increased considerably its dimensions, now it supports 505 liters, 85 liters more than the previous model. If the rear seats are removed the size would increase to 1550 liters, surprising dimensions for the category. The BMW X1 model had replaced the old lights per LED light, and a new set of driver assistance system that allows dynamic damping […]