Audi reports that new TT-RS comes with engine  2.5 TFSI that yields 400 horsepower.

  The automaker Audi in recent years has shown the many sporting models market, and its technological revolutions are noted with each release. To keep the number of sales of its flagship sports car, the Audi TT-RS received a new engine, and comes with new safety items and accessories that further enhance the sportiness of the vehicle, the model reaches the market only in March but the first sales have been completed. The company’s goal was to carry out changes that provided the model to reach the mark of 400 horsepower, and the objective was completed. Thanks to an installation of a new engine with TFSI technology 2.5-liter, working in conjunction […]

Here are some details of the new concept of 600 horses of Porsche, the Mission.

The Behind the scenes of the next Frankfurt auto show are busy, that’s because the automaker Porsche plans to introduce its first model of four-seater 100% electric, that came to compete directly with the new Tesla. The two engines generate an incredible power of 600 horses, but the news doesn’t stop in the engine, the model comes packed with visual and technological adaptations that promise to revolutionize the automotive market. The maximum speed of the sporting is 250 km / h electronically controlled by a security system to reach the milestone of 100 km / h, thecar needs just 3.5 seconds if the driver’s desire for reaching the mark of 200 […]