See the Ferrari F50. The model that celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Italian automaker.

For the celebration of its fiftieth anniversary, tt was manufactured and placed on the market the F50 supercar, a car with sophisticated features and it pleased many of its fans around the world, both for beauty and for their power.

The convertible model was equipped with an aspirated engine, 4.7L, 60 with valves V12. The year of its debut was the 1995 and the approximated price charged by the Italian car was US $ 669,000. At the time what drew attention was the 198 kg engine weight, with 590 horsepower and 4698 cc. Its transmission was manual and 6-speed.

Ferrari F50 – 1995

Ferrari F50 reached 325 km / h and it goes from 0 to 100 k / h in 3.7 seconds. 349 units were produced, one less than the number of reserved vehicles for millionaires, then the chief executive claimed that the Ferraris were cultural cars, and so it should be difficult to find.


More than 300 units were made in red, standard Italian automaker, the other units were manufactured in yellow, silver and black.

Watch the video and remember one of the most stylish cars that Ferrari has ever produced.


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