See the changes received by Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Whenever we talk about a super-sporty, we remember about Ferrari, that besides the always attractive visual, can be considered a collector’s piece, because of the difficulty of seeing it at the streets and the high price, really this dream is not for everyone. Today we’ll talk a little faster car developed by Italian automaker Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. It received important updates and comes with an even more powerful engine and an interior far more technological, moreover minor updates were made in its design, which was more futuristic and aggressive.

This car is so rare that the automaker expects that only 10 units are sold within six months, in building the Formula 1 engineers helped in the project, making it the most aerodynamic car than the previous model, which ensures better handling and stability for the driver, the installed wheels have been specially designed for the model, which makes the car even more unique.


One of the strongest points of the new Ferrari is the brake, after testing the vehicle to 100 km / h it can make a complete stop in just 30 meters, of course inside, the driver is not completely comfortable with that sudden stop, but the test objective was to stop as quickly as possible. To prevent sliding of the tires, were installed independent brakes and shock absorbers, who is always driving the car realizes it will lose efficiency on the brakes.


More details about the engine Ferrari should only be informed in the next auto show, other important information that was released was that the car’s structure is 70 kilos lighter, which ensures a greater relationship between weight and power, since consumption is 30 % lower than the previous model.

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