See the amazing results of the New Chevrolet Silverado.

With monthly sales of about 35 000 cars in the US market, the New Chevrolet Silverado is the second in sales figures. Since a Ford direct competitor sells 65,000 units every month.

Trying to approach the competitor’s sales, Chevrolet recently published the tests on its newest model of the Silverado, the model won a makeover, visible by the use of lighter materials in its bodywork. Inside, there is more luxury than the previous models.


The internal space has increased considerably, which pleased many of its fans, the top version LTZ is equipped with a V8 gasoline 5.3 liters engine, yielding 360 horsepower, the exchange is automated by six-speed, and traction can be back or full.

In the last event of the automaker, they gave special attention to the interior, which was what really drew the most attention of all presents, beautifully finished and very comfortable for a truck.


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