See details of the Shelby Super Snake, with 750 horsepower.

With an aggressive and very interesting visual, was released by Shelby American, the new Shelby Super Snake, based on its rival the Ford Mustang GT, it promises to please many lovers of the powerful cars.

The bodywork material is made of carbon, which makes it the lightest vehicle and even more, inside the hood a V8 5.0 liter engine, which was equipped with an electronic component supercharger Ford Performance.


With ensures that 750 horses power is connected to a six-speed manual exchange, some versions also offer automatic exchange.


The production of this muscle car will be limited to 300 units, and the price should revolve around $ 50,000, similar price as the Mustang GT, which also has Wilwood rear brakes, the interior also reflects on his rival, quite sophisticated and with options of connections with smartphones and tablets.

Watch the video below so you can compare this with the muscle car Mustang GT.


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