Peugeot develops new concept: The Peugeot Fractal.

Next weekend, more precisely in Frankfurt, will be officially presented the newest concept developed by Peugeot, called Fractal, the model was entirely based on the futuristic concept, especially in its interior that is packed with technology.

The car has four seats and has a retractable roof that draws a lot of attention. Despite being quite futuristic, the automaker claims that the model was based on a new electric sport car that will be released later.


Visually it resembles the Peugeot Vision GT model, which was created exclusively for the game Gran Turismo 6. It was so successful in the game that you can soon be seeing these models roaming the streets, a rather curious fact is that the interior of the Peugeot Fractal, was done mostly by 3D printers, it is believed that 80% of the inside was made by this technology.

Most likely, people who are present during the Motor Show, will realize that the main concern of the automaker was inland bill, which came completely redesigned and parts designed specifically for the model, more comfortable seats with automatic regulation by fingerprints are some of the innovations provided.


See the video below with interesting details and curiosities about the newest concept developed by Peugeot.

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