Partnership 1 billion between undertakings may generate 20 000 new electric cars, see:

The NEVS Chinese automaker surprised the world last November by announcing a partnership of 12 billion dollars for the production of its electric model Saab 9-3, this partnership was carried out to produce 150,000 electric car units, but looking to expand even the name and brand popularity, she just form another partnership with a well Chinese company, China Volant Company although the amounts are modest compared the first partnership, this promises to yield good results with plans to invest $ 1 billion now to encourage the production for the domestic market, it is expected that the partnership can yield a production of 20 thousand units.

If compared to the models with petrol engines, cars with electric thrusters although there worldwide is still no unanimity among consumers, the values ​​and being a relatively still new technology, but many governments around the world, aiming considerably reduce the pollutants in the air, reduce the import tax or even in tax bases so that even if slow, consumers start to use electric cars, which from 2020 it is expected that at least half of sold cars have this technology.


There the car should take to be marketed, since the first units were booked by the company, we want to have the car as the official transportation of its employees, the partnership should begin soon, and the units will be manufactured and painted in a factory Sweden, getting the final part of the production in China, where it would be finalized the manufacturing process of the model.


In the coming weeks the company must reveal some more specific details of the model, since it will come into production line, but we still have no information on prices or on when you will reach the US market, so the company reveal his plans, our blog will be following to pass the news firsthand for you, take it!

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