Kia introduces the new Sorento models in 2016.

After keeping practically the design for the second generation of Sorento, just changing some details in the monoblock and improving their stringers, Kia had to present something different because their competitors were far ahead in the category of SUV’s, the first impression that remains after the disclosure of the photos is that the automaker can further improve thanks to new changes adopted both visually, and in its settings. And the model was already well sold. The modernization of the visual is very clear, though the automaker has achieved this without much change the car feature, which pleased most was the front of the vehicle, who won a new grille, similar […]

Jaguar launches model XE in the US market. The sedan now has all-wheel drive.

Despite Jaguar being the entry model of British automakers, the XE model always proved to be a mixture of sedan with sports. Thinking of the emerging public the company has just launched in the US market the new generation of the vehicle, which comes with a more elegant visual and some good changes in its engine, which was more economical and powerful. The sedan can be found with gasoline or diesel, in all configurations traction is full, which made it the best car in drag and thus more safe and secure in steeper curves, gasoline setting is 2.0 liters GTDI that can yield 240 horsepower at relatively low torque 34.5 Nm, the model with […]

Fiat rescues the past and presents the 124 Spider in Los Angeles.

Completely based on the model Mazda MX-5 , a success launched in the 90s, with several appearances in movies and even video-games such as “Need for Speed Underground”, the Fiat during the Los Angeles auto show presented the new 124 Spider, which according to company executives have full focus on the American market. In front of what drew most attention were the LED headlights with tinted edges, leaving the car most elegant, but of course, leaving the sportsmanship aside. Night lights give an extra touch, showing that the car hits the market to stay , back in rectangular shape matched perfectly with the car’s aerodynamics, which despite not being a “muscle-car” […]

Kia intends to market autonomous cars by 2020.

Recently the Korean automaker Kia, issued a statement that informs for the automotive company a $ 2 billion investment for the manufacture of a self-governed car, which is due by mid-2020, currently the project is in the initial stage, that is called Advanced Driver Assistance System. According to Kia is too early to know more details about the project, and that sales would start five years after the presentation of the first prototype. The vice president of the company believes that the autonomous cars will be the future of most vehicles, during a presentation he said, “the fully autonomous vehicles are still some way off, so we’ll start a lot of research […]

See the changes received by Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Whenever we talk about a super-sporty, we remember about Ferrari, that besides the always attractive visual, can be considered a collector’s piece, because of the difficulty of seeing it at the streets and the high price, really this dream is not for everyone. Today we’ll talk a little faster car developed by Italian automaker Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. It received important updates and comes with an even more powerful engine and an interior far more technological, moreover minor updates were made in its design, which was more futuristic and aggressive. This car is so rare that the automaker expects that only 10 units are sold within six months, in building the […]

Range Rover presents the first edition of model Evoque convertible.

During the IAA, the expectation was that the center of attention stayed focused on the new Evoque model manufactured by Range Rover automaker, but with the absence of all the spotlights were on Jaguar F-Pace, which pleased almost everyone who attended the event. After the delay, were finally revealed some details of the convertible model, which in addition to all the equipment that the Evoque features, comes with a technological and charming retractable roof with different functions, which can make the car the favorite for SUV models lovers. The opening of the hood is made in just 18 seconds, and can be driven with the car in motion, and the […]

Toyota presents 2016 version of the Hilux pickup.

From the year of 2010 a significant change was noted in the automotive market in the United States. Each year is increasing the number of sales of trucks, including becoming leader of sales compared to SUV models, Hatch and Sedan. With this, increased competition between manufacturers, and even it was just a car to work, it has become a comfortable vehicle and packed with technology, and thinking about this new audience Toyota decided to remodel its best-selling truck of all time, and has recently introduced the new Hilux 2016 that in addition to changes in visual, comes to market much more economical than the previous version. Initially only models equipped with […]

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