McLaren announces that all sporting models 675LT were sold.

Something quite unusual happened in the recent days, the sports McLaren 675LT was introduced just two weeks during the auto show, and yesterday the automaker reported that all copies that were available for sale were sold, some are even buying two units of the model, the Production was limited to only 500 units, but of course most of the company’s customers should know about the production model, and the success that was to come. At the Geneva Motor Show the company reported that the trading price of the sports was US $ 285,450, the price may seem high, but the model has a set that does not fall behind the […]

Acura reveals price the NSX for the US market.

Honda has shown some sports cars to the market that even surprised the most optimistic, with powerful cars that can run on the streets, and also showing the market quality when it comes to SUV, with more than four options for each follow-up, but the special division automaker Acura has just brought to the market the new NSX, a very powerful car, with high value, the price of the simplest version costs US $ 157,800 and the sporty top of the line out by none other mention than US $ 207,500, this is the more expensive version with all the possible addition of optional items inside the ceiling and is […]

Remind 3 cars with style doors “gull”:

When in the movie “Back to the Future”, blockbuster in the 1980s, the DeLorean DMC-12 model was a success because it presented the innovated door opening style “seagull”, which instead of opening out, the door had opened up, since then companies have some sports and concept cars that have this feature, but what few people know is that this design has been doing success for a long time, recalls some models that were successful in their time. Mercedes-Benz SLR: Launched in the 1950s, the sporty 300 SLR was one of the first to get the door like gull wings, but that was not what most drived attention, the model was equipped […]

Camal develops supercar concept with off-road grip.

The Italian company specialized in Camal design, has just presented the press,a concept that besides sports is designed to walk over uneven streets, the model was based on the old Bugatti EB110, which in addition to the aggressive look, has a plus for details in black found in the bodywork. The model was named Ramusa, something like lizard in our language. The sport has a four-turbo V12 3.5 liters, which can work simultaneously with an electric motor positioned in the center of the vehicle, this combination can yield more than 800 horsepower, whereas the electric motor propels the front wheels, and the V12 engine the rear, were not informed by the company […]

Ecclestone says supremacy of a team is destroying the F-1, and promises independent motors.

Many viewers and fans of the world of motor racing championship, have already declared that every year, watching Formula 1 is getting more boring, for the supremacy of only one team, in the past two years was the Mercedes, is ending the competitiveness and consequently the grace to attend the event last week even the main name of the F-1 leaders, Bernie Ecclestone said he also wants to see a more balanced competition, and that with the adoption of independent motors this will be a reality. The adoption of independent motors, as well as leaving the teams with lower competitive investment relationship teams called “big”, will make a saving to the coffers […]

With changes to 2016 Chevrolet S10 High Country hits the market for $ 63,800

The first appearance of the new model of Chevrolet S-10 was about nine months in New York. Since then anxiety took over the market to see what really would come again in the model that is sales leader, following pickup trucks. The new version is $ 9,250 more expensive than the previous model, the 2.8 Turbodiesel LTZ 4×4. To justify the change in value, the new Chevrolet increased visual details, and unique interior trim. The design has improved considerably, starting with the wheel, it won black details that were aesthetically pleasing, contrasting with the silver, which covers most of the rim 18. The maritime hood is serious, ending the hassle […]

Most of the technologies implemented in the current car, will never be used by its members.

Today, the consumer when purchasing a new vehicle, has available a multitude of optional features that in many cases do not come to be used by most users, a recently published survey indicated that about 10% of the values of the vehicles now sold, are embedded options that often can’t be removed, the survey also revealed that among the most expensive option that are not frequently used are the Wi-Fi connection and concierge services. Other interesting figures show that about 35% of vehicle owners using non-assistance service to the Park Assist, and 33% do not use or never lowered the automaker’s application for services such as social and music network sharing, those […]

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