Nissan advises that model Titan Warrior Concept will go into production.

The Detroit show what is happening this month has revealed gradually big news, the last of which comes directly from Japanese designers, Nissan automaker through one of its directors said during the event that the Nissan Titan Warrior model which until then had only one concept will enter production line and must reach the American and European market very soon, probably the model was launched to compete directly with the Ford F-150 Raptor.

The model comes to market with a visual rather aggressive, according to its developers their appearance reflects directly on what the model is powerful and promising not to leave you in the hand or in the worst roads, the grid is specially designed for the model as well as the details in black on the sides and back, the truck gained even 18-inch wheels with off-road tire from Pirelli, the suspension was renewed and elevated, and what draws the most attention in the bodywork are the details in orange , to make it even more sporty model.


Inside the hood a great engine 5.0-liter V8 turbo diesel-powered Cumminz that can render the entire 350 horsepower with a torque of 76.5 Nm basic, so this combined with an automatic six-speed exchange and integral four-wheel drive, these numbers refer to the prototype that was presented, the automaker reported that probably the model that will enter the production line should receive numerous improvements.


Despite inform that the model should arrive soon in the market, a date has not been stipulated by the Japanese company, upcoming news should be reported at the next event in the company’s own headquarters, and as always our blog will be updated to let you always Well informed.

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