Most of the technologies implemented in the current car, will never be used by its members.

Today, the consumer when purchasing a new vehicle, has available a multitude of optional features that in many cases do not come to be used by most users, a recently published survey indicated that about 10% of the values of the vehicles now sold, are embedded options that often can’t be removed, the survey also revealed that among the most expensive option that are not frequently used are the Wi-Fi connection and concierge services.

Other interesting figures show that about 35% of vehicle owners using non-assistance service to the Park Assist, and 33% do not use or never lowered the automaker’s application for services such as social and music network sharing, those who participated in the research, and denied the use of technology, also said they didn’t know which service or utility that don’t intend to use the same in any occasion.


Among the lists of the most used are: audible and visual sensor system parking, blind spot warning and safety systems that avoid the collision, such as automatic braking for example, another important fact is that users aged between 21 and 38 years typically use Smartphones, rather than the technology provided by the vehicle. This is probably due to the fact that old users are more accustomed to using a Smartphone, since every day the platforms used in these devices are becoming easier to use.


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