Meet the new luxury version of the Ford F-150, recently released for the American market.

The American vehicle market, has shown a growing demand in sales of pickup trucks, consumers are preferring to invest in a truck instead of a luxury sedan, at least they are what the numbers are showing, aiming this Ford announced a new luxurious version for its best-selling pickup F-150, the price would be in the range of 60 thousand dollars.

The intention of the automaker, is to get the vehicle earlier this year, replacing the top model, the F-150 Platinum. One of the most interesting items are the massager on the front seats, leaving an extremely comfortable driving. A camera that shows 360º, headlights with LED and several chrome details.


The truck is equipped with a 3.5-liter engine that generates 365 horsepower coupled with efficient automatic transmission. The wheels were given a unique design in polished aluminum, and is ring 22.

The company believes it can increase their monthly profits by increasing sales and demand models, making cars that were unique to work on luxury items.


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