Meet the new Ford F-150, safer pickup in US.

In April, the new pickup model Ford F-150 passed per crash tests conducted by the NHTSA (National Traffic Safety Hight), and secured the incredible five-star results after the end of the tests. The Ford model was the only manufactured that got the maximum result in all aspects.

Besides the high level of safety presented by the vehicle, it was considered the most economical category by “AAA Gren Car Guide” a survey conducted by the Automotive Research Center in Southern California.


To achieve these results, the Ford F-150 received a number of modifications for safety, the main thing was the application of high-strength steel in the structure, it also contains military standard sheets that were applied in their bodywork.


To make the most economical vehicle, it installed a 2.7 EcoBoost engine line, combined with a called “Auto Start-Stop” system. Consumption in the city is a liter every 8 rotated kilometers, and on the road one liter every 11 km rotated. This system also allows greater comfort in drivability.

Watch the video below and see the performance of this car produced by Ford.



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