Lamborghini will present the sports Centenario next Geneva Motor Show.

The next Geneva Motor Show will take place in March 2016, and during the last week several new features were revealed to be presented during the event, which promises to reveal various sports and many technological cars, and of course hybrid models, which are conquering the public with each release, amid several presentations McLaren won the spotlight to reserve a space in the hall for the exhibition of Centenario model, a super sport that had its design based on other sporting success of the Aventador.

In a statement, one of the directors of the English automaker reported that the audience will be positively surprised with the new Centenario, which will combine sportiness with technology also an extra measure of security. “You’ll have to wait and see. But usually when we launch a very limited car, we choose the Aventador as the basis, but in terms of performance and innovation, will be a completely different car. “


Probably the model will be equipped with the V12 6.5 liters, with two turbos that together are capable of producing 770 horsepower, which works with a seven-speed gearbox, details on the sporting performance should be announced only in the lounge of the car, the only information we have is that their production is limited to only 20 units, and the approximate price will be two million dollars.


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