In 22 years, the sales of Ford pickup trucks (Ford F-Series) were not Overcome. And what is impressive, is the responsability that it feats, is not being part of the hall of design that pleases the northern american public. Do you want a more impressive information? Those Responsible for this feat were four Japanese cars: The Civic sedans and Accord, Honda, and the cars Corolla and Camry. Toyota, occupying the fourth position in the sales ranking, comes the Fusion, the North American’s first on the list. To end this paragraph with the statistics that will impress you too… between the top ten more sellers, six are Japanese, two of Korean manufacture and only two are north american.


Overcome phenomena in sales in the United States, is not an easy task. Were of the pickups , the throne of the sales success on the country: GM and Ford F Series, Ford’s market leader, sold alone nearly 5% of the market a total of 688.000 units from January to November this year. Already the rival Silverado, GM, runner-up, sold 437.000 units. Together, the two went beyond the mark of one million units this year. To complete, the Dodge Ram is the fourth best-selling vehicle in the country, with 322.000 units through November.


The Civic was the best selling car in the United States in May of this year. On average, the leader in sales is the Toyota Camry, which sold from January to November 378.000 units. In second place comes the Accord, Honda, with 333.000 units in the period and another Honda, the Civic is the third, with 307.000 in eleven months. On the Top20 in the ranking of sales in the United States, stand only six trucks and another 14 are passenger cars. Ford, GM and Chrysler with 12 vehicles and the other eight are the Japaneses models of the Honda, Nissan and Toyota.

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