In the near future, tires can generate energy says Goodyear.


With the world looking increasingly for sustainable energy, Goodyear began some research in order to obtain electrical energy through the tires, the prototype will use two ways to capture energy. The first utilizes the heat from inside the tire and the second acts together with the vibration, turning into electricity.

The manufacturer expects these surveys may encourage other researchers to seek sustainable ways to generate energy, and that although there is no date for the premiere of this technology, this will be the basis of the technological future of the company.

Another attraction is the prototype option to replace the current “run flat” technology, which allows the tire rotate even pierced by up to eighty kilometers, but it is still too early to get a sense of how it will be offered to the public.

Environmental protection organizations in their debates always make clear its concern at the pollution generated by the tire manufacturers, now this step towards sustainability, they have a chance to show that they also care about the environment.



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