“I was lucky not to catch Kimi’s head in the accident, “says Alonso

An accident between the drivers Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen on the first lap of the Grand Prix of Austria put on alert pilots and fans of Formula 1 on Sunday.
He could not deviate from the Ferrari car after the Finish, the driver lost control and the two collided in an impact of 34G.

According to Fernando Alonso, Raikkonen had problems with grip and lost the rear of the control of his Ferrari causing the accident. “He was sliding a lot, going from left to right. I was on the left. At one point of the track, he lost control and I was there,” said the double world champion.

On the severity of the accident Alonso says his main concern was with the health status of his friend and former teammate.

“I was lucky not to reach the head of Kimi. I tried it out as soon as possible to see if he was okay. When I saw him take the wheel, I was relieved,” he said, citing the floor of his car that went very close to Finish.

Raikkonen also commented the incident but did not want to engage in polemics. “It was not ideal. I do not know exactly what happened before the accident, it happened so fast. I lost the car in a strange place in fourth gear. From one moment to the next I went to the left, did not yield to predict . “

Alonso and Raikkonen crash in the GP of Austria1 Alonso and Raikkonen crash in the GP of Austria2 Alonso and Raikkonen crash in the GP of Austria3



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