For the first time, Google Car, caused injuries in an accident.

In some US cities, it is possible to see the cars of the circular Goole, but with the presence of a human so that if anything happens, they can do the procedure. Yet the company has been involved in some accidents, but Google has always claimed that the fault was not of the smart car, but the other cars.

But this time, the accident appears to have been more serious than at other times. The company reported that last week one of their cars caused an accident that left injures. The driver of the car complained of neck and back pain.


The passenger who was on GoogleCar also complained of pain but soon left the hospital and went to work . In California you must have at least one person inside of the autonomous car, on this occasion there were two.

According to the accident report, the Google car was in the speed of thirty kilometers per hour, was next to two cars, until the time of intersection with the green light, one of the cars stopped to not block the intersection, furthermore the traffic was slow, the GoogleCar, recognized the car in front and braked, but the car behind was the speed of forty kilometers per hour and didn’t braked, which ended up causing the accident.

One of the leaders of GoogleCar, the research sector said that most of the time is other drivers fault. “The clear theme is human error and inattention. We will take all this as a sign that we are beginning to favorably compare ourselves with human drivers, “he said at the time.

See the video below as how was the accident involving GoogleCar.

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