Dodge reveals line 2016 the models Challenger and Charger SRT.

Recently, Dodge automaker introduced to the automotive market, the new models Challenger and Charger to be sold in the first half of 2016, the sports, now have more sporting traits and have an even more powerful engine. While presenting, the automaker still revealed that researches already began to be made in order to implement hybrid engines in the major muscle car manufactured by the company.

The interior is more sophisticated and luxurious, even being sporting, but now some technological items were installed as the hydraulic system and cushioning at high speeds allows a better maneuverability and control in traction, integrated GPS that allows now the location of Uconnect car and a system equipped with a 8.4 inch screen.


The company also revealed that for now the units to be still produced is not a limiting number, but informs that the production should not exceed 1500 units, and of these about 800 requests have been made to the manufacturer, according to it the expectations of the executives are great: “the Dodge increased production version in more than two times compared to the line in 2015 in order to meet the huge demand in the North American market,” he said during the presentation.


See the video below and listen to the enchantment that this engine delivers to the ears:


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