Chevrolet promises news for Malibu in 2016. Among them the option to spy on young drivers.


The next versions of the Malibu will feature a novelty that will help many parents. With a spy technology, now you can monitor the speed and the way how teens are driving through the streets. The onboard computer will collect important information such as distance traveled, how many times the speed limit has been exceeded and how many times the collision avoidance system was triggered.

The model that was submitted in April this year in New York has a 2.0 engine with 250 horsepower, consuming an average of 11.6 km per liter. We can also find versions with engines 1.5 significantly reducing the power, becoming 173 horsepower, consuming a little less, 13.7 km per liter.

In addition to these versions, the company also wants to launch in 2016 the Hybrid version counting on a 1.8 engine in conjunction with two electric motors and can move up to 88 kilometers on electric power.


The interior also became more sophisticated, with internal screens eight inches and a redesigned three-spoke steering wheel also counts as already known, parking sensor and camera aft.



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