10 tips for you to take good care of the tires

Here are some tips that can Increase the useful life of your car’s tires to give comfort and safety to passengers. 1 – Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the specification of wheels and tires. Parts of the car are designed to interact in a balanced way. The use of different tires and wheels changes this balance. 2 – Make the weekly calibration of the tires according to the indication of the vehicle manufacturer’s manual. 3 – Make the tire rotation. Radial tires every 8000 km and bias tires every 5000 km run. Use the spare tire in rotation. 4 – Perform a preventive maintenance of the entire vehicle. Shock absorbers, […]

Car engine wash

Many drivers give special attention to the external appearance of the car, leaving it clean and shining in the bodywork and fragrant internally. But under the hood? The machine of the vehicle also calls for regular cleaning maintenance. An engine free of dirt decreases the chances of future problems related to mechanical malfunction or complications in the electrical part. This procedure should not be performed by any person. The use of chemicals and high pressure water jets can damage the system, causing the bending blades of the radiator, and also the obstruction of air flow, because it directly damages the engine cooling. In addition, the current vehicles have several electrical connectors sensors, actuators […]

How to maintain the durability of the leather seat of your car

The leather seat cannot be considered just a luxury item in your car, in addition to valorize, it is also a matter of practicality. This is because the easy removal of the dirt and durability are among the qualities of this material. But we need a little extra care and constant maintenance. If you have desire to replace the tissue lining of your car, know that according to companies specialized in leather jacket this can be done at any time. When choosing a new coating material, be alert to the percentage of leather in the chosen material There are several types of compounds market, 100 % leather animal legitimate , […]