10 tips for you to take good care of the tires

Here are some tips that can Increase the useful life of your car’s tires to give comfort and safety to passengers.

1 – Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the specification of wheels and tires. Parts of the car are designed to interact in a balanced way. The use of different tires and wheels changes this balance.

2 – Make the weekly calibration of the tires according to the indication of the vehicle manufacturer’s manual.

3 – Make the tire rotation. Radial tires every 8000 km and bias tires every 5000 km run. Use the spare tire in rotation.

4 – Perform a preventive maintenance of the entire vehicle. Shock absorbers, springs, brakes, bearings, axles and wheels act directly on the tires.


5 – Perform the alignment of the suspension and balance the tires when the vehicle suffers a strong impact in changing tires when the tires show uneven wear. The substitution of the suspension components, when the vehicle is “pulling ” to one side or the 10.000 km

6 – Each type of soil requires a recommended tire. Ignore this rule will cause losses in fuel consumption, vehicle stability and durability of the parts.

7 – Overweight committed to tire structure increases the risk of bursting or major structural changes. Avoid overloading the vehicle.

8 – Monitor (TWI) the tread wear indicator tells the right time to make the tire change.


9 – Drive with caution and avoid aggressive direction, with strong braking and sudden changes of direction. Never ignore the existence of bumps, holes and floor imperfections.

10 – Do not let your tire come in contact with petroleum products or solvents. These products attack the rubber causing it to lose its mechanical properties.


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