Cadillac is developing sedan with rear-wheel drive.

After years of selling the Cadillac ATS model will have its closed production, sales success everywhere it was sold, thanks to affordable price and standard Cadillac that the company disponibilizava to its customers, to replace the model and have a Input car at around $ 30,000 the automaker is already developing a new vehicle that will have as its main distinguishing a completely customizable rear-wheel drive. For now all these news comes as speculation, it has not been informed when the model chagará the market, and also did not report how the model will be called, the main challenge now is to shorten the new compact, since it will be […]

Nissan advises that model Titan Warrior Concept will go into production.

The Detroit show what is happening this month has revealed gradually big news, the last of which comes directly from Japanese designers, Nissan automaker through one of its directors said during the event that the Nissan Titan Warrior model which until then had only one concept will enter production line and must reach the American and European market very soon, probably the model was launched to compete directly with the Ford F-150 Raptor. The model comes to market with a visual rather aggressive, according to its developers their appearance reflects directly on what the model is powerful and promising not to leave you in the hand or in the worst […]

Jeep announces pickup derived from Wrangler model, sales have begun in 2017.

The Detroit show what is happening in the month of January, is showing good options to market, and revealing several concepts that can be produced in the future, among the good news that the manufacture of a pickup of the Jeep brand, at least that’s what secured one of the heads of Fiat Chrysler, Sergio Marchionne, in the event he was optimistic about the future of the company, and one of the novelties is an attractive and varied pickup Wrangler model. A long time the automaker does not manufacture truck, specializing only in 4×4 cars and super luxurious, the last marketing a similar model was in the mid-1960s with the […]

Partnership 1 billion between undertakings may generate 20 000 new electric cars, see:

The NEVS Chinese automaker surprised the world last November by announcing a partnership of 12 billion dollars for the production of its electric model Saab 9-3, this partnership was carried out to produce 150,000 electric car units, but looking to expand even the name and brand popularity, she just form another partnership with a well Chinese company, China Volant Company although the amounts are modest compared the first partnership, this promises to yield good results with plans to invest $ 1 billion now to encourage the production for the domestic market, it is expected that the partnership can yield a production of 20 thousand units. If compared to the models […]

Audi reports that new TT-RS comes with engine  2.5 TFSI that yields 400 horsepower.

  The automaker Audi in recent years has shown the many sporting models market, and its technological revolutions are noted with each release. To keep the number of sales of its flagship sports car, the Audi TT-RS received a new engine, and comes with new safety items and accessories that further enhance the sportiness of the vehicle, the model reaches the market only in March but the first sales have been completed. The company’s goal was to carry out changes that provided the model to reach the mark of 400 horsepower, and the objective was completed. Thanks to an installation of a new engine with TFSI technology 2.5-liter, working in conjunction […]

CEO of Nissan confirms new crossover debut in 2016.

Thinking in increase the number of sales for the year of 2016, the Japanese automaker Nissan is preparing a series of new developments that promise to heat up the market, one of the novelties is the friendly crossover that comes with affordable price and good specifications, called Kicks model. It was first presented during the Hall of New York automobile in the year of 2014 and only in recent months the company has put into production, so soon we will have this news available at dealerships. The revelation was made by José Valls, recently hired to be one of the company managers, and he made important revelations: “The compact crossovers […]

Lamborghini will present the sports Centenario next Geneva Motor Show.

The next Geneva Motor Show will take place in March 2016, and during the last week several new features were revealed to be presented during the event, which promises to reveal various sports and many technological cars, and of course hybrid models, which are conquering the public with each release, amid several presentations McLaren won the spotlight to reserve a space in the hall for the exhibition of Centenario model, a super sport that had its design based on other sporting success of the Aventador. In a statement, one of the directors of the English automaker reported that the audience will be positively surprised with the new Centenario, which will […]

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